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Polynucleotide Treatment

Rediscover Yourself

For an increased well-being of your skin


It has never been easier to support your skin from the in- side by creating an ideal environment for the stimulation and growth of your cells. Moreover, to have an antioxidant effect in the fight against free radicals and to supply your skin with sufficient hydration at the same time.

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Broad range of applications

The areas of application are versatile


Conditions to be treated

  • Ageing & photoageing signs

  • Wrinkles

  • Loss of skin firmness

  • Loss of tone and elasticity

  • Scars

Biochemical properties speaking for themselves

Special biochemical properties result in an improvement of the skin’s elasticity and thus fighting the ageing process. This happens with the help of polynucleotides, which bind water and thus moisturise your skin. At the same time, they have antioxidative effects. Based on these two actions, the best conditions are given for the growth of fibroblasts, which leads to an improved tissue elasticity.

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How does the treatment work?

​In the first step, you have a personal consultation with your doctor. You talk about your wishes and expectations in the context of the treatment. The doctor will advise you accordingly and select the right product for you and your treatment. The treatment itself is minimally invasive and therefore almost painless.

How long will the effects last?

To maintain your perfect results, it is advisable to repeat the treatment regularly. Your doctor will advise you further in your individual case.

However, the following factors must be taken into account in terms of their influence on the duration of effect:

  • Lifestyle

  • Physical activity

  • Exposure to sunlight or tanning lamps

  • Age, etc.

Are there any recommendations before and after the treatment?

Before the treatment, you should inform your doctor about your medical history as well as your expectations. If you regularly take anticoagulant medication, for example, you should consider with your doctor to abstain from this for 14 days before the treatment.

After the treatment your doctor will massage the treated area gently. In general, you should allow your skin to rest a little after the treatment and avoid exposure to heat for the first week. You can usually use make-up again after one day. Your doctor will inform you in detail.

Who should not undergo a treatment?

If the following is applicable to you, PDRN-injectables should not be administered: 

  • circulatory disorders

  • ongoing dermatitis

  • epilepsy

  • diabetes

  • ongoing herpes infection

  • infection

  • previous or ongoing autoimmune diseases or to subjects undergoing immunotherapy

  • serious allergies or ongoing inflammation

  • acknowledged hypersensitivity to the product components

PDRN-injectables must not be used on pregnant or breastfeeding women.
PDRN-injectables must not be used on people below the age of eighteen.

Possible side effects:

The most common side effects of Botox treatment are minimal and temporary. These reactions include:

  • Swelling, which normally disappears within a few hours.

  • In some cases, transient ecchymoses, which normally disappears within a few hours.

  • Small oedemas may sometimes appear but should reabsorb within a few days.


If you ever have any questions or concerns following any procedure or experience any other side effects please contact Pure Aesthetics on: 0115 950 2020.



Single Treatment: £230 per 45min treatment


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