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Obagi Blue Peel Radiance

Suitable for all skin types, the Obagi Blue Peel Radiance is especially known to improve the appearance of your complexion after just one treatment.
What is an Obagi Blue Peel Radiance?

With over 30 years of clinically proven results Obagi is a medical-led skincare company that have developed the award winning Radiance® Peel. The Obagi Blue Peel Radiance is a superficial peel for gentle exfoliation and rejuvenation. Suitable for all skin types this next-level facial works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, smoothen rough, uneven skin, fade blemishes and reverse mild and moderate ageing. It can also work on more complex concerns, like dark spots, hyper-pigmentation, laxity issues and acne. The Obagi’s Radiance® Peel is a simple, fast and effective way to achieve great skin!


How does an Obagi Blue Peel Radiance work?

A chemical peel is a minimally invasive procedure that helps improve the appearance of skin. During the procedure, your specially trained Aesthetic Nurse carefully applies combinations of powerful solutions to the face, decolletage (neck & chest), or hands to remove dead skin cells. The solutions penetrate into the skin causing dead skin cells to peel off. The new skin is smoother and more refined looking.


Pre-treatment Advice & Aftercare

Before an Obagi® peel, you’ll always have a consultation with one of our expert aesthetic nurses. During this time, we will examine your skin and outline all the potential treatment avenues worth looking into. Once we have informed you on all the treatments that will make the biggest impact on you, you can decide on the treatment path you’d like to take. We will then work with you to create a bespoke treatment plan and go through pre and post treatment advice to prepare your skin and enhance the final result.


Before & After Treatment

What is an Obagi Blue Radiance Peel after 12 weeks of treatment.



The Benefits of​ Obagi Blue Peel Radiance

All Obagi® products are clinically proven to have amazing epidermal benefits whilst improving a range of mild to moderate skin issues, including: fine lines & wrinkles, mild to moderate photo-damage, uneven tone and texture and acne & acne scaring​.

The Radiance® Peel is especially known to improve your complexion after one peel, which is one of its biggest benefits – the instant results it produces, in only a matter of minutes!

Reveal a new layer of beautiful skin with Blue Peel Radiance

  • Superficial, salicylic acid-based peel

  • Can be used for a wide range of skin types

  • Achieve instant, glowing results

  • Tighter, smoother, brighter-looking skin after just 1 peel

  • Quick and easy to use in-office procedure with little or no downtime


How many treatments will I need?

The amount of treatments needed will be outlined in your free skin consultation, however, results can be seen after 1 peel which can help mild conditions, like dullness, and give your skin the boost and extra love it needs to look it’s best.

For more complex, stubborn concerns we recommend a course of 3 treatments, depending on the individual and the severity of the issue you want correcting. Treatments can be booked online or by phoning the clinic on: 0115 950 2020.



Obagi Blue Radiance Peel – £70

Package Of 3 Peels – £150

Package Of 3 Peels + Obagi Hydrate Moisturiser – £200



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